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  • Residential Heavy Duty Valves

    Available in:
    CQV-100 (1/8NPT x 3/8 -27 High Medium Low Valve)
    CQV-100 PT

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  • Residential Valves

    Available in:
    R80003 (Large Burner 0.65 simmer jet, 17K BTU/hr)
    R80004 (Small Burner 0.62 simmer jet, 14K BTU/hr)
    R80007 (Large Burner 0.50 simmer jet, 17K BTU/hr)
    R80011 (Large Burner 0.45 simmer jet, 17K BTU/hr)
    R80012 (Small Burner 0.36 simmer jet, 14K BTU/hr)

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  • Sleeves

    Available in:
    CS-2 (1/8in)
    CS-3 (3/16in)
    CS-4 (1/4in)
    CS-5 (5/16in)
    CS-6 (3/8in)
    CS-7 (7/16in)
    LCS-3 (3/16″ Long Sleeve)

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  • Tees

    Available in:
    CT-3 (3/16in)
    CT-4 (1/4in)
    CT-6 (3/8in)

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  • Wok Valves

    Available in:
    CWV-100 (1/2NPT x 1/2NPT Wok Valve)
    CWV-66 (3/8 NPT x 3/8NPT Wok Valve)

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